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Most types of rope and twine available. The most common being Polypropylene with 220mt per coil
  • 4mm diameterPPR46mmPPR6
  • 8mm diameterPPR810mmPPR10
  • 12mm diameterPPR1214mmPPR14
  • 16mm diameterPPR1618mmPPR18


    Elastic shock cord is available in either coil form or cut lengths
  • 6mm diameter (100mt coils)ESC6
  • 8mm diameter (100mt coils)ESC8
  • 10mm diameter (50mt coils)ESC10

  • Spiral hook assemblies
    45cm lengths SHA 45
    60cm lengths SHA 60
    90cm lengths SHA 90
  • Elastic mini ties
    14cm length EMT 14
    24cm length EMT 24
    60cm length EMT 60


    All slings are manufactured from a high tenacity polyester webbing to British Standards

    A.Soft eyed webbing slings The eyes, or loops are an important feature of this range, making good contact with the lifting hook without the use of metal fittings. The flat eye also makes for easy withdrawal from beneath loads. Commonly used for basket lift, but a choker lift can be also made by passing one eye through the other.


    B.Endless webbing slings

    These belt slings are probably the most versatile and widely used sling. for direct connection, choker or basket lifts can also be made. Since load contact points can be changed with every lift, wear is evenly distributed and sling life is accordingly prolonged. The specified length of the endless sling is by circumference.


    C.Endless round slings
    A continuous woven hank of yarn protected by a seamless outer layer the round slings are used for many types of lifting applications. Similar to the endless belt slings, direct connection, choker or basket lifts can be made and since load contact points can be changed with every lift wear is evenly distributed and the life is accordingly prolonged


    Slings types A & B are available in ''Duplex'' (double thickness) where the safe working load is doubled from the single SWL.