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PGS supply a wide range of lashing assemblies for all types of loads The more popular ones are shown below but any size can be manu- factured to customers individual specification.

Heavy duty load restraint equipment
Break strength10000kg5000kg
Rated Assembly strength (RAS)5000kg2500kg
Webbing75mm polyester50mm polyester
Length fixed End30cm30cm
Overall working lengthTo customer specificationTo customer specification
RatchetRB 75100RB 5050LWH
End fittingsCH 75100, DR75100CH5050,DR5050

Light duty straps
Break strength3000kg1000kg
Rated Assembly strength (RAS)1500kg500kg
Webbing35mm polyester25mm polyester
Length fixed End30cm30cm
Overall working lengthTo customer specificationTo customer specification
Ratchet RB 3530RB 2510
End fittingsCH 3530, DR3530CH 2510, DR2510

Heavy duty load restraint equipment

Light duty straps

All the above straps are available in any size to customer requirements with a choice of end fittings. However, the more popular together with their references are listed below.

Part NoDescriptionWebbing WidthBreak Strength
CH 75100Claw Hook75mm10,000kg
DR 75100 Delta Ring75mm 10,000kg
CH 5050Claw Hook50mm 5,000kg
CH 5050 (TUBE)Claw Hook (Tube)50mm5,000kg
RH 5050Rave Hook50mm5,000kg
TSH 5050Twisted Snap Hook50mm5,000kg
DR 5050(DF)Drop Forged Delta50mm5,000kg
RL 5050Res Q Link50mm5,000kg
CL 5050Chain Link50mm5,000kg
CH 3530Claw Hook35mm3,000kg
DR 3530Delta Ring35mm3,000kg
CH 2510Claw Hook25mm1,000kg
DR 2510D Ring25mm1,000kg
WR 5010Welded Ring50mm1,000kg
WR 7515Welded Ring50mm1,500kg
3BS 50103 Bar Slide50mm1,000kg
FSH 5023Flat Snap Hook50mm2,300kg
CH 5010Claw Hook50mm1,000kg
CH 5020Claw Hook50mm2,000kg
CRH 5010Closed Rave Hook50mm1,000kg

  • Internal Cargo Straps
    The standard universal over centre straps supplied with either flat snap hook or 75mm ring end fitting for use in curtain sided vehicles with centre poles. Fully adjustable with 3 bar slide for safe, secure load retention.

    Webbing:Black polypropylene
    Over centre:OCBZNC or OCB BLK
    End fitting:FSH5010 Snap hook or WR 7515 Ring
    Working length:4.25mt
    References:Internal cargo strap with snap hook LRICS1
    Internal cargo strap with ring LRICS2

  • Side curtain tension straps
    A choice of three standard straps for tensioning vehicle side curtains. 90cm black polypropylene webbing with closed rave hook LRSCTS1. 90cm black polypropylene webbing with closed rave hook and zinc over centre buckle LRSCTS2.
    90cm black polypropylene webbing with closed rave hook black over centre buckle and polypropylene short strap for attaching to curtain LRSCTS3.

  • Box vehicle straps
    Internal box vehicle straps utilising standard over centre buckle (LRBVS1) or locking over centre buckle (LRBVS2)
    Webbing:Black polypropyleneRed polyester
    Over centre:OCBZNC or OCB BLKOCBL
    End fitting:CH5010CH5010
    Length fixed end:90cm90cm
    Overall working length: 3.05mt3.05mt