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Please feel free to call us for a quotation on: 0114 276 55 66
PGS Supplies Ltd
Prospect Works
Worthing Road
Sheffield S9 3BJ

Tel: 0114 276 55 66
Fax: 0114 276 52 65

About PGS:

PGS Supplies Ltd was established in 1987 in Sheffield by the current directors Paul, Gary and Colin who have over 25 years experience in the trade. It was started in a 3000 square unit in Ecclesfield and ran for 2 years at that site before the gradual process of expansion necessitated a move to the existing premises occupying some 20000 square feet of manufacturing and office space located within easy access of the M1 Motorway.

We have a current staff level of 17 of which 8 are related to the family therefore offering a very personal relationship with both customers and suppliers.
We feel that we are constantly improving quality control and are always looking to meet the required standards.
On the manufacturing side of the business we produce goods from all types of fabric including jute, canvas, and PVC. Items produced include lorry sheets, stall covers, nets, side curtains, shelter covers, welding screens and other fitted waterproof canopies. We also produce various goods made from webbing i.e. load securing straps, lifting slings